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Friday, January 12th 2022. Billy Bobs Fortworth Tx. map

Friday, January 12th 2022. Billy Bobs Fortworth Tx. map

Friday, January 12th 2022. Billy Bobs Fortworth Tx. map

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Latest Janathon Long Album

Jonathon "Boogie" Long

Self Titled

  1. Bury Me
  2. Shine Your Love
  3. That's When I Knew
  4. The Light
  5. Living The Blues
  6. Natural Girl
  1. The River
  2. Pour Another Drink
  3. This Road
  4. Where Love Went Wrong
  5. Pray For Me

Original Release Date: September 7, 2018.
Produced by: Samantha Fish

Label: Wild Heart Records


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Jonathon Long Listed on Billboard

Billboard: Blues Rock Album Chart #8

Jonathon Long Responds:
Thanks for the support my friends; let's keep it going, if you haven't gotten the new album yet, visit our store or go to WildHeartRecords.com!

Jonathon Long Inducted Into the Louisians Music Hall Of Fame!

Jonathon Long
Elected to Louisiana Hall of Fame.

To the one and only!!

Widl Heart Records Talks Jonathon Long

Elmore Magazine-
Jonathon Long- Album Review

In wrenching the opening notes to "Bury Me", from his sleek, muscular Gibson electric guitar, Jonathon Long picks up the flag for Southern rock from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Waves it proudly. Read More


Jonathon Long

“All that I know how to do is take a pen and a sheet of paper or two, write a few words about peace and love, Louisiana and the heavens above; Bury me when I am gone, with my guitar and some cheap cologne, all that’s left is a pile of bones, remember me through the words of my song.” – Jonathon Long ‘Bury Me’

The road to Samantha Fish’s Wild Heart Records winds along the Big Muddy through Baton Rouge, where young guitar players travel to learn from and experience the legacy left there by the likes of Buddy Guy, Kenny Neal, Tabby Thomas, Lightnin’ Slim and so many others who fueled that vibrant blues scene going back decades into the last century.

Eighteen years into century twenty-one, Baton Rouge born Jonathon Long has claimed his own share of that legacy. He has mined, refined and re-defined his beloved blues for over half of his 29 years. The shuffles and homages to the King’s and Collins’s, along with his mastery of the red Gibson, have evolved into what will certainly be a milestone in that legacy, his third album, titled simply ‘Jonathon Long’. Read The Bio Here


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